Would you use a walking/biking trail around Jackson Park Golf Course?

The Seattle Parks Foundation has a vision of possible park and trail connections throughout Seattle. One item suggested is a trail around the Jackson Park Golf Course. What do you think about this? Would you use it if it were there?

From the Bands of Green Report:
Jackson Park is virtually the only major open space in the far north end of the city, and it is almost entirely dedicated to a single purpose – golf. We suggest that the value of the park could be magnified significantly by developing a trail around the perimeter of the golf course, creating a children’s play area at the main entrance, and providing green connections to other parks. We recommend that 15th Avenue Northeast be improved as “Jackson Boulevard” to provide a tie between Jackson Park and the Olmsted system.

Jackson Boulevard would begin at Pacific Boulevard on the University campus, cross Ravenna Park via the existing art deco bridge, and pass alongside Roosevelt High School and the city reservoir. It should be noted that the City has begun an initiative to lid its reservoirs, for the dual purpose of protecting water quality and expanding the park system. In light of the shortage of multipurpose parks in North Central Seattle, we suggest this reservoir be covered to create needed park land. From this point, Jackson Boulevard would continue north across Thornton Creek to 125th Street. There the Boulevard would turn three blocks west to 10th Avenue, the main entry to Jackson Park.

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