Poll – should we keep this blog going (and use it more?)

We are contemplating what to do with this blog. Most of our posts have been to the Pinehurst Seattle Facebook group

Our request to you is to make a comment on this post, telling us:

  • If you want the blog to continue.
  • If you’re interested in helping to move it to a new server and preserve the old posts, indicate that in your comment.
  • If you’d like to help create content for this blog, let us know in your comment.

Thank you!


17 comments to Poll – should we keep this blog going (and use it more?)

  • HY

    I read the blog through the RSS feed and rarely comment, but appreciate the content. I love that this is NOT attached to Facebook and is just a normal blog. I’d rather not support Meta and find the way information is structured there to be irritating. A blog is straightforward and chronological. (Speaking of that, I’m not sure how valuable it would be to migrate all the old content. How much do people need to reference when the Halloween dog parade was in 2019?)

  • Norma S

    I read and prefer this blog. I love Pinehurst, but also avoid supporting Meta

  • Cindy R

    Yes, please! I agree with HY and Norma S, although I am Facebook prey.

  • Matt Weatherford

    Love this blog. Happy to assist with IT to migrate content
    or get going on a new platform.

  • Amy Wimmer

    I read this blog when I know there’s a new post. I think it’s best to leave it separate from Facebook and other things like it. Thanks for asking.

  • Sylvia

    I use this blog more than Facebook. I don’t contribute but would appreciate if it kept going

  • Steve D

    Yes, please keep this blog going! I hope it shines as is and stays where it is. I really like to read about happenings in the Pinehurst neighborhood. I have not been assimilated by the Facebook Borg Entity and never will, so please keep this blog separate! Thanks.

  • Margaret

    I count on this blog! I read it when I get the notification in my email inbox. I suggest keeping old posts for 2 or 3 years, then deleting them. Being in the news business is enough – no need to take on the history business, too.

    I detest Facebook.

  • David McDonald and Jen Page

    Yes, please continue the blog. We don’t se Facebook, and very much appreciate our neighborhood news.
    Thank you,
    David McDonald and Jen Page

  • Garth Ferber

    I like the blog very much and have also so far avoided the Facebook Borg Entity (excellent!) and check out the posts each week when I receive the email notification for the digest of the week’s posts. I sure would like to see the blog continue and I guess I could offer to submit a piece or 2 if it would help.

  • Kristi

    Read often and love the content. Thank you!

  • Amanda Lansford

    I didn’t know about this blog until I saw the Facebook ebook post, but am very interested! I’d also be happy to help with content.

  • Valerie Cohen

    I really like the fact that this blog exists separately from Facebook. I look for news on both the Pinehurst FB and here, but the Facebook posts are harder to go back to when looking for details( and not everyone is on FB, so having the blog seems more inclusive). Thanks for doing it!

  • Melissa

    Yes. It’s helpful and interesting!

  • Carol

    Can be informative

  • Peter

    I read this blog and prefer it to Facebook content – it’s easier to find all the posts in chronological order and it seems to contain more and/or different content.

  • Kristina

    I live in Lake City and still learn a lot of valuable information from this blog – and agree it’s great to keep separate from FB, if possible. Thank you for organizing this space.

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