The Legislation is Moving to Full Council for Vote

The City Council Development and Planning Committee (Richard Conlin, Tom Rasmussen, Jean Godden and Peter Steinbrueck) voted unanimously to send the proposed legislation that would allow Safeway to apply for a rezone to build a new “green” store to full council for vote.

Thank you to all who wrote letters, sent statements and who came to the hearing. It was very clear that the Pinehurst neighborhood supports this project – a new Green Safeway. Richard Conlin noted in his comments before the vote that the positive and comprehensive dialogue that we have had with Safeway over the past year and a half is the type of communication between neighborhoods and businesses that Council wants to encourage.

Thank you all.

I will keep you posted on when this goes before full Council and the next steps after that which would include Safeway’s application for a contract rezone and design review.

You can view the Urban Development and Planning Committee meeting at: //

The Pinehurst discussion occurs at:
Council Bill 116066 Single-family zones in the Northgate Overlay District. Click on this when you get to the web site to advance to that part of the meeting.

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