Pinehurst Neighborhood Street Fund Applications

(updated 3/26/08)

There were four project proposals submitted from Pinehurst this year for the Neighborhood Street Fund.

North District Council will meet on March 29th to choose projects from all North District neighborhoods to submit for pricing and feasibility. Total budget for all of North District is $95,000. North District includes: Maple Leaf, Pinehurst, Victory Heights, Jackson Park, Lake City, Olympic Hills, Cedar Park and Meadowbrook. Due to the large cost for these projects (for example, one block of sidewalk can cost $100,000 and traffic chicanes can cost $10,000 each), it is very possible that no Pinehurst projects will ultimately be funded this year. However, it is very important that we continue to let the City know what our priorities are as a neighborhood so that if other funding sources are available, they will know what our top projects are.

I sent the information below to those on the Pinehurst Community e-mail list and received 15 votes back ranking the following projects. I weighted votes: 4 points for a #1 vote, 3 points for a #2 vote, 2 points for a #3 vote and 1 point for a #4 vote. (Note: Two voters did not voted for all projects, so points will not add to 150.)

2008-315 – 29
2008-318 – 44
2008-319 – 31
2008-357 – 37

If you have not yet voted and would like to comment on the projects, please e-mail me. Unless I hear otherwise, I will let North District Council know that Pinehurst’s priority is 2008-318, a sidewalk on 125th.

This same process will happen again next year. If you have a project that is not on this list, check back to the blog in January/February 2009 – or let me know and I will make sure you get an application next year.

Pinehurst Applications in 2008:

Traffic control on Pinehurst Ave NE
Project: Either a chicane halfway between the traffic circle and NE 125th Street or a series of residential speedbumps.
Location: Pinehurst Ave NE beginning at NE 117th Street and ending on 17th Ave. NE at NE 125th Street
Reason: There is a good amount of northbound traffic on 15th Ave NE headed for Lake City that is diverted onto Pinehurst Street in order to beat the stoplight at 15th Ave NE and NE 125th street. Years ago a traffic circle was placed at the intersection of NE 123rd Ave NE and Pinehurst. This has helped greatly, but also leaves drivers needing to make up lost time as they head downhill the next two blocks to NE 125th Street where they make their right-hand turn on Lake City Way. There is a unusually large volume of traffic in a residential area for the sole purpose of avoiding a stop light two blocks away. They are traveling too fast and are sharing the road with pedestrians.

Sidewalks on NE 125th Street between 5th Ave NE and Roosevelt Ave NE
Project: Add new sidewalks on two blocks of NE 125th Street between 5th Ave NE and Roosevelt Ave NE.
Location: NE 125th street between 5th Ave NE and Roosevelt Way

Reason: Need to improve access to transit services (#41) in the Northgate Urban Center. These sidewalks would make it easier to access three bus stops on NE 125th which would increase ridership to and from the high density area, particularly for those with disabilities. Currently this stretch is not safe, particularly for people with disabilities. There is uneven gravel and the parking strip is blocked and wheelchairs ans strollers must travel in the street.

Repaint crosswalks at Roosevelt Way NE and NE 123rd
Project: Repaint crosswalks at Roosevelt Way NE and NE 123rd
Location: Roosevelt Way NE and NE 123rd
Reason: Paint is worn off on crosswalks, unsafe for pedestrians. This is a busy area for pedestrians.

ADA accessible pedestrian crosswalk with traffic signal at 12th and 125th
Project: Addition of an ADA accessible pedestrian crosswalk with traffic signal
Location: 12th Ave NE meets NE 125th Street, near St. Matthews School
Reason: NE 125th Street is a very busy four-lane street running through the Pinehurst neighborhood. It connects I-5 to Lake City Way and Northgate, there is heavy traffic and transit alongside pedestrians.

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