Survey – Pinehurst Shelter House

This is from Lorna:

Hi Pinehursters,

Below is a link to a survey for the Pinehurst Shelter House. It is the first step in the redesign of the well-loved Shelter at Pinehurst Playfield. It was a residential basement in the 1940s that the neighbors turned into a community club when it was still King County Park 28. The neighbors also upgraded the shelter in 1970. Here we are in 2007 and it needs our help to make it a comfortable, cozy home for Pinehurst. I encourage you all to fill in the survey so our design architects have a chance to provide us with a good display at a our first design meeting we hope to have at the end of November.

Here is the link for the online survey.

We ask that you make one response per household.

Here are some recent photos of the Shelter House:

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