Bridging the Gap – Final Projects

Unfortunately the sidewalks on 115th or 125th between Roosevelt and 5th NE are not yet in the cards. The Neighborhood Street Fund – Large Project Review Team decisions were announced today. Only one project is able to be funded in the North District: a sidewalk to Sacajawea Elementary School on 20th Ave NE from 98th to the school. The following is from Jack Schwab passing on information on the decision:

North District Council,

The Neighborhood Street Fund – Large Project Review Team, for which I was the North District representative, has completed our work. Today, the Mayor distributed a press release announcing our selections. You can see the press release at:

In short, the team was able to fund one project in each of the districts represented by the “North” sector of the city (i.e. 145th to the ship canal). The project funded within the North District is the sidewalk to Sacajawea – 20th Ave NE from 98th to the school. It will be a stamped asphalt sidewalk (they call it a pathway, but to us it’ll be a sidewalk, just made out of Ashphalt instead of Concrete…its cheaper) on the East side of the road. It is expected to be the first of the projects implemented within the North Sector. I’m hopeful that it will be complete by this time next year, though any concerns that arise from area home owners will significantly impact the timing.

There were MANY good projects proposed. Unfortunately, the money allocated was not sufficient to do any truly large projects (e.g. sidewalks for more than a couple blocks) and not more than 1 per sector in the North. The Sacajawea project is estimated to cost $350,000.

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