Sidewalks, Crosswalks, Traffic Signals, Traffic Calming

Recent feedback from neighbors in regard to the Pinehurst Neighborhood Street Fund Applications has brought attention to the level of community interest in working for sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic signal improvements and traffic calming in some key areas in Pinehurst. I have started asking the City how to draw attention to neighborhood priorities and how to find funding for these projects.

Funding sources such as the Neighborhood Street Fund are wonderful opportunities for small projects such as traffic circles and they are great resources for neighborhoods with established infrastructure. However, they are not enough to make an impact to the enormous need in neighborhoods in north and south Seattle that lack even basic infrastructure that provides for safe routes to schools or safe ways for seniors to get to busses, or to grocery stores. Applications from all North District neighborhoods include those for such basic needs as sidewalks near public elementary schools and senior housing. There are many more worthy – and critically needed – applications than there is funding to provide for these projects.

At a recent North District Council meeting in regard to the 2008 Neighborhood Street Fund applications, I suggested that North District neighborhoods consider uniting and working together to identify critically needed projects and then to advocate for funding for these projects.

If you are interested in being part of this discussion, please contact me.

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