Thornton Creek and Northgate Urban Center Park

from Janet Way of the Thornton Creek Legal Defense Fund

Please mark your calendars for the Saturday, April 12th Northgate Urban Center Park Design Workshop.

Saturday, April 12, 2008
12:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Northgate Community Center
10510 5th Ave. NE.
Seattle, WA 98125

This workshop is very important to the future of Thornton Creek.

The Northgate Park and Ride site is now set to be a park. It is also the site of a very important and well documented former wetland/creek tributary of the South Branch of Thornton. This new Park process is the next important front in the effort to save Thornton Creek. There is absolutely no valid reason why this park cannot include a rejuventated section of this headwaters wetland and portion of Thornton Creek.

There is support for that in the neighborhood but, there will be pressure for many other uses such as pavement, ball fields, buildings, playgrounds, skateboard parks, etc. These other uses may have a place there too, but so does the creek/wetland.

Please come and speak up for it. At these forums/workshops it is crucial to speak up and fill out the comment cards and mention Thornton Creek as often as possible. Staff keeps track of how many times particular issues are mentioned.

Please VOTE for Thornton Creek!

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